Passing the CSET Language, Linguistics, and Literacy test is hard! I'm here to help.

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23 Jun 2019 » Housekeeping


The purpose of this blog is to provide a general overview of linguistics, so that you can pass the CSET Language, Linguistics, and Literacy test. This test, as you know, consists of 50 multiple choice questions on a variety of topics within the field of linguistics. In order to prepare you for the test, I will try to cram an entire Bachelor’s degree worth of information into explanations as short and concise as I can make them.

A little about me

So what makes me qualified you to teach you? Well, I am an ESL educator with a B.A. in English, an M.A. in Linguistics, and about 12 years of classroom experience. I’ve taught the concepts within this blog to hundreds of second-language learners so that by understanding them, they can better understand English as a whole. I now aim to provide you with the same explicit understanding of the language that second-language learners have, which can hopefully piggyback off of your implicit understanding.

A note on this site:

This site will have very little information as first, as I am crafting each lesson to directly align with the CSET. I hope that your patience will be rewarded. Please check in often as I aim to have at least one post per week.


Please follow along on Twitter, and ask questions. I have a thorough list of topics that need covering, but I have no planned order in which to do so. By engaging on Twitter, you will help shape the order in which topics are addressed. Hopefully, your can quickly glean what information you need, pass the CSET, and move on with your teaching career. Best of luck. Godspeed!